Who am I?

I am Giannis (or John if you like)! PC enthusiast, developer, graduate computer engineer and newcomer to IT security and penetration testing. I like puzzles, reading, studying about new areas in the IT industry and listening to music.

This blog was created to share interesting articles on technology and information security as well as my personal views on the issues.

What do I do?

That one is a complicated question… I mainly introduce myself as an application developer and mostly that’s what I do in my every day life. But even though application development is my main occupation I have also worked on several other areas in the IT industry. These range from web design & development, server administration, computer engineering, to recently IT security. All these years I have found many interests which I followed due to work or simply because these areas intrigue me.

I have learned these past years that if my work demands it, or if I personally enjoy a project I am not afraid or bored to explore new things and study them.

How am I like?

Enjoyable is the word I would choose to best describe my self since I always try and keep positive to work as well as my every day life. Rarely things can upset me and I always try to keep my spirits up. Either be work or my daily life I always give my best game on the things that I commit on.

I am a social person that enjoys being with friends and colleagues either be for fun, hanging around, discussing the latest news or working. When alone I enjoy listening to relaxing music and reading.

Playing the guitar and singing is another thing that I love and I’ve been doing since I was 14 years old. But even though I do play the guitar I prefer almost all kinds of music genres from classical, dance music, hip-hop, techno, even dubstep.

Want to learn more?

  • If you are interested in my professional status you can check out my CV here.
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