Tech lover, easy going, a great team player, music enthusiast & guitar player, with an extreme hunger for knowledge. If the subject is interesting or critical in matter, then I am up for it!

The tech world has no limits and neither do I! That's one of the motos I've used since I started coding. My main area of focus is software development but as any other tech enthusiast I managed over the years to fiddle around and educate myself on several other areas such as IT security, Computer Engineering and Web Design & Development.

Visual Basic .NET
Windows Administration
Linux Administration


Some of the projects that I managed, created and completed over the years.

What can I do for you?

As a tech enthusiast I have managed over the years several projects that span out of the world of software development. Trying to make out the most of every aspect that I have come across over the years I can assist in the following areas.
Web Design
From a simple blog, to a big e-commerce store I can help you develop, maintain and expand your online presence using WordPress and Woocommerce.
Using the power of VB.NET I can guarantee a clean and expandable workflow, bug tracking & fixing,  and an overal application that matches your highest standards in coding and UX design.
IT Security
Protect your business using data loss prevention techniques, security auditing and consulting, risk assessment, and more.
Server Administration
Either be Windows or Linux, Apache or Nginx I can help you manage your server deployment, by providing fast problem solving, security, scalability and best general practices.
IT Management
Network administration, maintenance, PC software and hardware troubleshooting from small businesses to large enterprises.


If you are interested in technology, information security and other relevant topics, this section is for you. Find out the latest news in the tech world, new ways and techniques for penetration testers and much more...

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Years of Experience

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Giannis Ftaras
Giannis Ftaras

Application Developer

Curious, tech-geeck that gets serious when it comes to work.

Contact me

If you still want to learn more or have any questions and want to get in touch with me, you can choose the way that suits you best.
Thessaloniki, Greece
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (Telegram) @giannisftaras


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