Hosting – Google Cloud:

Google offers website and Virtual Machine (VM) hosting which under certain conditions can be subject to their Free Tier program. When in the Free Tier program costs can be marginal or even zero and that basically makes it free for simple usage like in cases of blogs and small or personal websites. So basically that is how this website works!

Centralized Management System – WordPress:

Managing a website can end up being a long process even for the most experienced in the field. We use the WordPress platform for easy, fast and secure management of our articles and pages.


The free Illdy WordPress theme is used to stylize our website which is developed and maintained by Colorlib. In the Knowledge Base pages the Education Booster theme is used which is also free – developed and maintained by Keon Themes.


Thanks to the WordPress’ central management system, we can use plugins (or add-ons) that enhance the look, functionality, and security of our website for your and our own convenience. For security reasons, we can not disclose in detail the add-ons we use, but we assure you that of our site uses 100% free add-ons from the WordPress repository.


Most of the icons that appear or will appear on the site come from the Flaticon service . This service provides free (and paid) icons that embellish every page you see. All icons used are provided free of charge and the following list of creators will be updated as a sign of gratitude for their work. Other areas of our website, as well as our theme, are bundled with several icons that are also free of charge from the Font Awesome icon library.


Like icons, images we include on the site are provided for free, but this time by Freepik and several other sources using Google Image Search. The list below will be regularly updated to include the creators of these images as a sign of gratitude for the work they have done.


Some of the articles hosted on the blog have been written and created from third sources using research, time and effort. If an article was not written by our staff, at the end of it you will see a link that will refer you to its original source. In addition to this, you can check the list below with all of our articles and their original sources.